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Myanmar Projects - Basic Myanmar Literacy Facts

The literacy rate ranges from less that 20 percent of the population to 83 percent of the adult population, depending on who's asking. When the Myanmar government tried to apply for the "least developed nation" status in late 1980's they stated the literacy rate was less than 1/5 of the population, but reports otherwise state a literacy rate of 83 percent for the adult population.

Children from 5 to 10 are required to go to school and within this age range, and it's free. Secondary education is made up of four years of middle school with two more years of high school. The middle schools are free, but high schools have fees charged. A little over a third of the secondary school age population is enrolled in school. The medium of instruction for elementary and secondary schools is Burmese, and English is taught as a second language in many secondary schools.

Although Yangon and Mandalay have had universities and post-secondary educational facilities, many of the universities have had be closed since 1988 due to political turmoil.