One Million Words Asia Literacy Organization

Dr. Robert Lockyer


President | CEO

Dr. Robert Lockyer has been a certified teacher since 1988 and has taught in Australia, Korea, the Philippines, China, and the United States of America. He has been involved with teacher training, professional development, TESOL certificate level training, and teacher management in the USA, China, and the Philippines since 2002.

He is the author of numerous articles related to teaching and English as a Second Language. And was involved in the writing and design of basic level ELL materials that have been implemented into the Australian T.A.F.E vocational program since 1994, as well as being the key personality in three documentaries on vocational education in central Australia.

He is the localization author of a series of Young Learner course books currently being used in numerous language schools throughout China and a series of kindergarten books that are currently being used in China, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Vietnam together with a series of short course books titled 'Everybody Sing and Chant' as well as the 'Let's Get' series, a set of 12 primary school readers. Dr. Lockyer currently has over 120 published titles to his name.

Dr. Lockyer was the co-author of the UNiTar GPST TESOL-C; a three level course that has become industry standard for native and non-native English speakers who wish to teach English to young learners.

He has owned and managed local training schools as well as international schools, however his passion is for teacher training and teaching young learners. He is currently a freelance trainer and author based in Hong Kong and still travels through Asia delivering Professional Development and teacher certification training and lectures.