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Sen Ji Mei Duo School

Senjimeiduo Charity School, Deqen, Yunnan, China

The Sen Ji Mei Duo Charity School is a non-profit school offering ten years of free education, shelter, food and medical care for all students attending the school. They seek to offer their students ten years of necessary and practical education that will allow them to in future support themselves and to improve the community in which they live. One million words will donate our goal of 1000 English, Tibetan, and Chinese text books to the school during 2015.

The project will be broken up into 3 phases due to the scope and need of the school. See below for information about each stage of the process.

To follow our current progress, please see the One Million Words Blog

The students are mainly Tibetan Orphans or orphaned children from Yunnan, Tibet, Gansu and Sichuan Province. The School name “Senjimeiduo” means “Flowers in the Heart” in the Tibetan language. More than half of the school burnt down in 2014, and since then, the students and teachers have been hard at work to rebuild the classrooms, so that they can hold classes indoors again. While the students are busy studying English, Tibetan, Chinese, Math’s, and other subjects, they are also learning vocational skills by assisting local tradesmen in rebuilding their own school. This has had tremendous results, as it is instilling them with a sense of ownership and pride. One Million Words is providing much needed textbooks, readers, and school supplies - as well as curriculum design, support, and teacher training.

Stage 1

The students in SenjiMeiDuo Tibetan Charity School have been using this series as their base English textbooks and love the style, color and content, so they (and their teacher) have requested if we could supply them with a full class set for them and future students to use in their English lessons. These books will be used each year so they should last a long time, however we are hoping that we can increase our order from sets of 10 to sets of 30 as an average class size in China is around 30 students.

Stage 2

One Million Words will supply curriculum books for all of the students in the following subjects: Tibetan, Chinese, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Civics, and Music. Dictionaries, Atlases, and other reference books will also be provided to help stock the library. Since the fire, a majority of the books at Sen Ji Mei Duo were destroyed. Those that survived are pre-2000 publications and heavily smoke damaged.

One Million Words Asia Literacy Organization | Donate to Senjimeiduo, China  

Stage 3

Due to the inclusion of new teaching techniques and methods that coincide with the new curriculum and resources, the teachers at Sen Ji Mei Duo have requested training sessions to ensure that they can fully utilize the course materials. Members of the One Million Words team, together with Pearson Education and Jilin Publishing Group Western Education Publishing Company, will visit the school to provide this training.

One Million Words Asia Literacy Organization | Donate to Senjimeiduo, China