One Million Words Asia Literacy Organization

Who We Are

The One Million Words Asia Literacy Organization has been established with the mission to finance, source, and supply new printed books, in local languages or in a second language as per demand at the time, with a word count in excess of 1,000,000 words.

Each country will have only one project running at any given time. To achieve our mission we aim to raise $30,000 for each of our country projects through fundraising events, crowd sourcing, and support from our sponsors and partners. These funds will be solely used for the acquisition of quality new academic reading resources for 'economically challenged' schools and remote provinces in our key target areas of Asia.

Our purpose and philosophy behind this project is to increase the love of reading and knowledge, thus increasing the future prospects of all involved, because.....

The One Million Words Team is made up of an international group of like-minded UNPAID volunteers whose goal is to help spread literacy to areas of the world that need it most. For more information about the team, click here. To read about the history and story so far, follow this link.