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Yushu No.1 School

Yushu No.1 School, Yushu, China

In 2013, One Million Words provided teacher training and English language support to the city of Yushu in the north western part of China. Yushu was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2010, which not only damaged the city's infrastructure, but also the local schools. As a follow up to this training we arranged for the donation of close to 1,000 English language books to re-establish the local school library.

This is an ongoing project with the aim to reach our first "1 million words" goal of supplying over 3,000 English based text books as well as additional fictional and non-fictional works for the students to read and enjoy.

The students at Yushu No.1 School are very keen on learning English, as they view it as an opportunity to open new doors and expand their horizons. Most of the students are from a farming background, as this region in Yushu is very remote. They view English as not only a way to help themselves, but as a means to help their families.

Remember, each locally printed textbook only costs $2.41!

Due to the recent earthquake, most families cannot afford this, as they are busy rebuilding their homes and their lives.

Please help us support Yushu No.1 School!

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